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624 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 262-8848

Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world




Campus Outreach (CO) had its beginning in 1978 in Birmingham, AL at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. The ministry began with one full-time staff person who was a recent graduate from Samford University and now is on over 100 campuses

27 Franchises

As the ministry was continuing to grow, Campus Outreach launched its second franchise to Augusta, GA in 1989.  Through continued multiplication, the ministry has expanded into 27 franchises, 19 states, and 5 continents.

Glorifying God 

The ultimate purpose of God and of all His creation is to glorify God (Isaiah 43, Psalm 33, Romans 1, Revelation 5). Because there is nothing more valuable than God himself, CO exists that He may continually receive what He deserves: praise, honor, and glory from us as we find our joy in Him. We desire to spread a passion for the glory of God to all people, in all places, by all appropriate means, as urgently as possible.

by building laborers

Jesus Christ once said, as he observed a large crowd,“The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few” (Matthew 9:33-36). That profound statement has rung true throughout human history and could certainly be applied to our world in the 21st century. It is the desire of Campus Outreach to work hand in hand with colleges/universities, churches, families, and individuals to produce these Kingdom laborers for which there is such a desperate need.

on the campus

CO believes that the university campus is one of the most strategic mission fields in the world. Beyond the movement of the sovereign God through His Holy Spirit, there are at least 4 factors we see that make college ministry so strategic. Student density, availability, openness, and potential are unprecedented compared to elsewhere in the world. Thus, we believe that the university campus is the most strategic place for CO to impact the world for Christ. 

for the lost world 

Our goal is to influence the world for Christ, participating in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). CO desires to be a part of the expansive enterprise of the gospel that is being taught around the world to every people, tribe, and tongue (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Revelation 5). More specifically, we desire that trained graduates would be mobilized from the campus to have a gospel-centered impact on those around them in every sphere of influence.

compelled by Christ's love 

We value God's love as the compelling motivation of our lives and believe that a true experience of His love leads to following Christ and no longer living for self.


We believe that the Bible is our only source for true knowledge of God. We place a high priority on knowing and teaching the Bible and training students to study it for themselves and claim God's promises. 


We believe that man's greatest need is Christ. As a ministry, we focus heavily on proactively and strategically reaching lost students with the gospel. 


We believe that ministry most effectively takes place in the context of relationships, as one person invests in or disciples another.


Our goal is not simply to gain a large following on campus, but to teach and train students to walk deeply with Christ and minister to others in their sphere of influence, not just on the campus, but also in the world and for a lifetime.  


Non-Christians with the gospel of God’s grace and love through Jesus Christ. We do this on the campus primarily through building relationships with college students. We also create spiritual and non-spiritual contexts (Bible studies, events, weekly meetings, semester retreats) to fuel relationships, investigation, and leadership opportunities (Romans 1:16, John 4:35).


Moldable disciples in their relationship with Christ. Once a student surrenders their life to Christ (or if we meet a young believer), we establish them by teaching them basic convictions, perspectives, and skills to know Christ, become like Christ, and make Christ known in and through their lives. This would include Bible study, prayer, evangelism, worship, walking in the Spirit, time and money management, etc. (Colossians 2:6-7)


Maturing disciples to make disciples as they reproduce their lives into others. We seek to instill the vision and skills necessary for students to live out Matthew 28:18-20 and 2 Timothy 2:1-2 as they evangelize, establish, and equip others (Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:1-2, Ephesians 4:11-13).


Multiplying disciples into the world to be kingdom leaders and servants for Christ and in His church. Our end goal is an equipped laborer who has embraced and is employing their gifts and abilities for the kingdom. Our hope, as we base everything we do on the principle of multiplication, is that by reaching the campus we would reach the world as graduates are sent into every sphere of society and into every country (Matthew 9:36-38, Mark 3:14).

Although the ministry of Campus Outreach maintains an interdenominational profile on the campus, every CO ministry is under the authority and supervision of a local church body. We encourage students to get involved in a local church with us while in college and after they are mobilized into the world.

 Campus Outreach Augusta is under the authority of First Presbyterian Church of Augusta