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Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world


Summer Leadership Project 2018

summer leadership project 2018


Location: Daytona beach, Florida

Dates: June 1 - july 26

COST: $1650

Commitment deadline: April 13


The Summer Leadership Project is a missions and training project for college students to help them grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to teach them how to share the good news of Christ with others. It is designed to help build responsibility and dependability into their lives. Students work jobs in the community to earn money for the summer and reach out to their coworkers. Evenings and weekends are devoted to growth opportunities such as discipleship groups, Bible study, evangelism and worship. While there are many good options of how to invest your summer and grow spiritually, we believe there are several things that SLP offers that make it a unique and worthwhile option.


You will receive personal attention to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ in small groups and project-wide meetings. These opportunities are designed to help you learn how to study the Bible better, memorize God’s word, pray, and build Christ-like character.

TO build relationships

Being around other college students from your school and surrounding schools creates a healthy gospel centered community and relationships that will help you flourish not only during this summer but also as you launch back on the campus in the fall.


"There's nothing like the Summer Leadership Project" is the regular response from students coming off the SLP each summer. Fellowship with fellow students who desire to be developed and impact the world for Christ makes this investment so rewarding.



As a parent of a college student, you probably have many questions concerning letting your child attend the Summer Leadership Project. With these in mind, we aim to create a great option to meet your desires as a parent for your child financially, developmentally, and relationally. 


Many students choose to raise financial support for the SLP. This is not required but is often times helpful in both sharing the financial cost and allowing families, friends, businesses, and churches the opportunity to partner and invest in the student's growth.


Students have the option to work a job or take an internship in Daytona. We cannot guarantee an internship will be provided, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to connect and market themselves this spring with businesses in Daytona, but our staff are eager to help land an internship in any way that we can.  


In the middle of the summer, we have created a parents weekend that is programed and tailored to welcome all parents and family to the project. You are always welcome to visit your child in Daytona, but we will have special programming and time for you to connect with your child during that weekend.


The cost of SLP is $1,650. Your $100 confirmation deposit is applied to the total cost. This amount will include all books and materials, lodging, two meals per week, and weekly social events.

We require all students to show up with a total of $825 ($100 confirmation fee + $725) in order to pay for expenses the first few weeks of project. The remaining $825 can be payed in full at the beginning of the summer or throughout the project weekly. All students are required to pay in full, before leaving the SLP on July 30th even if the student arrives late or leaves early.

Campus Outreach is a non-profit and our IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is under First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, so donations made to Campus Outreach for the Summer Leadership Project are tax-deductible. Tax Statements will be sent to donors mid-January of the following year.

You can donate to a student attending SLP by:

  1. Giving Electronically - HERE
  2. Mailing a check (be sure to include the students name in the memo line) - You can either give the check to the student to turn in when arriving at SLP, or you can mail a check to our office (address below). 



For any other questions you might have, please call our office at (706) 262-8844 and we would be happy to help.