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624 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 262-8848

Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world




  Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Briarwood Presbyterian Church

35 Years of  ministry

Campus Outreach (CO) had its beginning in 1978 in Birmingham, AL at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. The ministry began with one full time staff person who was a recent graduate from Samford University.

94 Campuses

CO began at Samford and within a couple of years began to expand to new campuses. Strong connections in each community and good relationships with local churches and campus administrations provided fertile ground for continued growth. By 1988, CO had expanded to 9 campuses with full time staff around the state of Alabama and into Georgia.  Now CO is on ninety-four campuses.

27 Regions

In 1989 the ministry continued to expand into the Georgia region through the leadership of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA. CO has franchised to twenty-seven different regions.

16 States

Campus Outreach has it’s roots in the South East but now has franchises from San Diego to Washington D.C. and Minneapolis to Orlando.

5 Continents

In 1989 some opportunities to expand into Cross Cultural environments became a reality. Campus Outreach staff moved to Bangkok, Thailand and began ministering to Thai college and university students. Now International Ministries exist on five different continents.

Exponential Growth

By God’s blessing the ministry continued to grow in measurable and immeasurable areas. Through our strategy of Men who Multiplied Men, leading to Ministries who multiplied Ministries, which in turn led to Movements that multiplied more Movements, CO grew exponentially!

624 GREENE ST. AUGUSTA, GA 30901 |   (706) 262-8844