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624 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901

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Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world


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Mobilization 2014


launching every student leader into the local church to labor for a lifetime

mo·bi·lize [moh-buh-lahyz]

verb (used with object)

to marshal, bring together, prepare (power, force, wealth, etc.) for action, especially of a vigorous nature

The reality is that everyday we are in a spiritual battle for our faith, our testimonies, our families, and God's honor. We have an enemy, the devil, who aims to steal, kill and destroy through keeping people blind to their sin and their need for a Savior. But we have a Savior who has come, defeated death, and has risen to afford us new life in Him. This truth is playing out on our college campuses everyday. And as students come to Christ through their involvement in Campus Outreach, we realize we have a responsibility to send these men and women out into the world to continue that battle. Once their college days are behind them, Matthew 9:37-38 becomes increasingly real. The "harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." Our hope and prayer is that as we mobilize graduates off the campus into strategic opportunities and industries around the country and world, they would take the truths they learned with them. We long to see them make disciples in their neighborhoods and recreations. We desire to see the gospel transform how and why they work. Overall, we desperately want to see the image and glory of God reflected from their lives into every nook and cranny of this world. To do this, CO Augusta is committed to:

Launching Every Student Leader into the Local Church to Labor for a Lifetime

  • Launching because we view the campus as a launching pad for disciples of Christ to be sent out as his ambassadors into all spheres of influence & sectors of society.

  • Every Student Leader because, as a part of discipleship, it is our duty to mobilize each student leader God entrusts into our care.

  • Into the Local Church because the Church of Christ is God’s vehicle of bringing redemption to the world & it is the context in which post-college growth will take place.

  • To Labor for a Lifetime because God’s call for us to follow him is a lifelong call that requires real vitality, commitment and sacrifice.

624 Greene St. Augusta, GA 30901   |   (706) 262-8844

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