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624 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 262-8848

Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world


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Summer Leadership Project



There are many good ways to invest your summer and grow spiritually, but we believe that SLP offers several unique aspects that make it a great option for students.

1. Growth - Excellent environment for growth in your relationship with God and as a leader

2. Community and Relationships - Being around 100 other college students from your school and surrounding schools creates healthy gospel-centered community and relationships that will help you flourish not only this summer, but also  back on the campus in the fall.

3. Distinguishing Experience -  As all students who have attended would attest, there is really nothing like the SLP. Being around the people of God, in the same life stage, all aiming to be developed and make a world impact for Christ, makes this investment so rewarding.


We understand that you, as parents of college students, have many things in mind when considering letting your child attend the Summer Leadership Project. Most parents are concerned about their students being away from their families for the summer as well as their student to having to sacrifice other good summer options such as summer classes, internships, or a another job. With these concerns in mind, we aim to create a great option to meet your desires as a parent for your child financially, developmentally, and relationally. 


Some students need assistance paying the full cost of the SLP or need to save for expenses they will have in the fall when returning to campus. Being able to raise financial support on the front end before the project begins is very helpful financially because students can pay for their personal expenses (food and gas) and save the rest for when returning to campus in the fall. If students are not able to show up with the total cost covered, they can use some of their paychecks to finish paying off the project and saving the rest for the fall. For more information, see the "finances" section below. Your student's Campus Outreach staff member can also help and give wisdom in how accomplish your student's needs.


Many students need to have an internship for classes in order to graduate and are forced to choose between the SLP and an internship. In recent years we have made adjustments to accommodate the possibility for both. We cannot guarantee an internship will be provided, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to connect and market themselves this spring with businesses in Daytona, but our staff are eager to help land an internship in any way that we can.  Within the last few years we have had students intern in many different concentrations including law firms, businesses, and medical clinics.


In the middle of the summer, we have created a parents weekend that is programed and tailored to welcome all parents and families to the project. You are always welcome to visit your child in Daytona, but we will have special programming and time for you to connect with your child during this  weekend.

  • Parents weekend for the 2017 SLP will be determined soon. 

For any other questions you might have, please call our office at (706) 262-8844 and we would be happy to help.


The cost of SLP is $1,475. Your $100 confirmation deposit is applied to the total cost. This amount will include all books, materials, lodging, two meals per week, and weekly social events.

We require all students to show up with a total of $750 ($100 confirmation + $650) in order to pay for expenses the first few weeks of project until your receive your first paycheck if you are working a job this summer. The remaining $725 can be payed in full at the beginning of the summer or throughout the project weekly. All students are required to pay in full, before leaving the SLP on July 28th even if the student arrives late or leaves early.

Many students choose to raise financial support for the SLP. This is not required but it is helpful, as it shares the financial cost and allows families, friends, businesses, and churches the opportunity to partner and invest in the student's growth.

Campus Outreach is a non-profit and our IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is under First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, so donations made to Campus Outreach for the Summer Leadership Project are tax-deductible. Tax Statements will be sent to donors mid-January of the following year.

Donations to support a student attending SLP can be done by:

  1. Giving Electronically - HERE 
  2. Check - All checks are to be made out to Campus Outreach Augusta. Be sure to include the student's name in the memo line. You can either give the check to the student to turn in when arriving at SLP, or you can mail a check to:

Campus Outreach Augusta

ATTN: Summer Leadership Project

624 Greene Street

Augusta, GA 30901